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The Innovators are a special group of supporters to the Forward Campaign
who have committed at least $100,000
to the new biomedical research building project.
John Baldeschwieler & Marlene Konnar
Shwu & C. Joseph Chang
Marie Csete
Michael C. Doyle
Michele & Roger Engemann
Sue & James Femino
Gardner Grout Foundation
Ann Slavik Hall
John C. Hench Foundation
Liz & Herbert Hezlep III
Karen & Thomas Higgins
Kathleen Kane
Francine Hokin Katz
Patricia & William Johnston
Manna from God Foundation
Grace and George Karabedian
The Mothershead Family
Lucile Horton Howe & Mitchell B. Howe Foundation,
Lynn Howe Myers, Mitchell Howe Jr.
Gustavus & Louise Pfeiffer Research Foundation
Peggy & John Russell
Philip V. Swan
Janet & Robert Tranquada
The Altadena Guild
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HMRI invites you to join with other leaders in the community in support of the new biomedical research building, ensuring HMRI’s position as one of the nation’s leading, integrated bedside-to-bench medical research enterprises.  Your support is vital to unlocking advancements that will improve the quality of many lives.

Pictured from left: Dr. Alfred Fonteh, Dr. Xianghong Arakaki and Dr. Michael Harrington.

A new state-of-the-art biomedical research building is key to a new and robust scientific strategic plan, and essential to fulfilling the vision to be a 21st century powerhouse in patient-focused research. HMRI research spans discovery through design of new therapies for major unmet medical needs — including common neurodegenerative, cardiovascular, liver, gastrointestinal diseases, and diseases of pregnancy.

Recruiting and retaining world-class scientists is key to HMRI’s future, as are strategic partnerships. A state-of-the-art research facility is critical for reaching these goals. HMRI’s science has completely outgrown its antiquated infrastructure. The new building will be the focal point of strategic collaborations growing with Huntington Hospital, UCSB Engineering, Caltech, and USC.

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View our latest press release announcing the ground-breaking of our state-of-the-art laboratory building in Pasadena.  Read More

To learn more about the new biomedical research building, please contact Allyson Simpson, V.P. of Philanthropy, or Susie Berry, Director of Philanthropy, at 626-795-4343

HMRI Forward Campaign Leadership
C. Joseph Chang
James Femino
Dorothy Hull
R. Scott Jenkins
Mireya Jones
Kathleen Kane
Allen Mathies
Rita Pudenz
Debbie Williams
Paula Orlandini
Roger Engemann, Honorary Committee
Steve Ralph, Honorary Committee

Helen Baatz, Campaign Co-Chair

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Bill Thomson, Campaign Co-Chair

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